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May 24 2017

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Im emocje są mocniejsze, tym trudniej je wyrazić.
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Renewable Energy Powers Jobs For Almost 10 Million People
Drawing With Skinner Episode 1: Featuring the Gaslamp Killer
Scott Tolleson Golden Deadbeets (05.26)
Researchers Find Dozens of Genes Associated With Measures of Intelligence
When AI Botches Your Medical Diagnosis, Who's To Blame?
Republicans Want To Leave You Voicemail -- Without Ever Ringing Your Cellphone
Open19 Launches Open Hardware Project Targeting Edge Computing
Google Following Your Offline Credit Card Spending To Tell Advertisers If Their Ads Work

May 23 2017

YouTube Downloader 6.8.2 (Trial)

Download clips from YouTube, Facebook and many other websites, convert them to various formats and enjoy them offline, with this intuitive application that can even grab UHD videos
Uber Plans Millions In Back Pay After Shorting NYC Drivers

Quando poderá uma árvore voltar a ser bela?

«Que tempos são estes, em que
uma conversa sobre árvores chega a ser uma falta pois implica silenciar sobre tantos crimes?»
Bertolt Brecht

WSJ Tours Massive New Zealand Sculpture Park

Collector Alan Gibbs gives the Wall Street Journal a tour of his massive sculpture park in Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand.  “It’s hard to hide this place,” he says of the park, which holds works by Anish Kapoor, Sol LeWitt and Maya Lin, among others.  “People see things from the road. That’s how it first got […]

Ai Weiwei to Debut Lego Works at Hirshhorn Next Month

Ai Weiwei will mark the East Coast debut of “Trace” (2014), one of his popular lego portrait pieces from his show at Alcatraz Island several years ago, at the Hirshhorn this summer.  “Throughout his distinguished career, Ai has redefined the roles of both an artist and an activist,” director Melissa Chiu said in a statement. “With this […]

Perry Rubinstein Facing Six Months Jail Time After Plea Deal

Art dealer Perry Rubinstein will serve a six month prison sentence after cutting a plea deal in his court case for grand theft by embezzlement, Art Newspaper reports.  Rubinstein was arrested after failing to pay former Disney CEO Michael Ovitz on the proceeds from a pair of Richard Prince works he sold.  Read more at Art Newspaper

New York Times Asks if African Art is Being “Gentrified”

An article in the New York Times looks at the landscape of African Modern and Contemporary art, and asks if the recent market popularity might indicate a certain type of “gentrification” in its consumption and production.   Read more at NYT      

Columbia University Launching Uptown Triennial

Columbia University has announced plans for an Uptown Triennial, based around artists living, working and showing in Upper Manhattan.  “It’s really an important initiative for the gallery, the university, and the broader community,” says director and chief curator of Columbia’s Wallach Art Gallery, Deborah Cullen.  “It’s a no-brainer, really, to have a format, a regular mechanism […]

New York – Erwin Wurm: “Ethics demonstrated in geometrical order” at Lehmann Maupin Through May 26th, 2017

Erwin Wurm, Modernist Pickle (2016), via Art Observed Currently on view at Lehmann Maupin’s Chelsea exhibition space, Austrian artist Erwin Wurm is presenting a concise summary of his recent work, installing a range of sculptures in his broad practice that explore the act of both participation and subversion in the landscape of modernity.  Including both quasi-participatory […]
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