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March 29 2020

Remote City Council Meeting Interrupted By Pornographic Videos
Whatever Happened to Ashley Madison? Affairs in the Time of Coronavirus
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Trendy Leather Band Men Quartz Watch from Gearbest
Reposted byproductiontestlittlewhiteliesbalbLarryGreenSkymmkmpl
Zoom Removes Code That Sends Data to Facebook
Astronomers Have Finally Found the Edge of the Milky Way

Fluent Ribbon Control Suite 7.1.0 (MIT License)

Integrate an Office-like ribbon interface into Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with the help of this intuitive programming component
US Officials Use Mobile Ad Location Data to Study How COVID-19 Spreads

Hue Library 1.2 (Donationware)

A lightweight color utility for creative professionals which gives you quick access to the color codes you need for your graphic projects

DTM Data Generator 3.01.03 (Demo)

Create realistic data to test your databases or analyze performance with this powerful application that provides numerous features

Adobe Audition CC 2020 Build (Trial)

Create songs and radio spots, enhance recordings, generate mixes, and master audio files with this full-featured music studio application

Dain-App Alpha 0.35 (Freeware)

Turn older media files into smoother quality versions with this application, provided you know what you're doing and understand how to use this program's potential
Should Students Still Be Graded In the Time of Covid-19?

Sparkbooth DSLR 6.0.151 / Beta (Demo)

Capture professional images from your Canon DSLR camera, edit, print, share or upload them to a cloud storage with the help of this comprehensive utility

Numento 2.1.13 (Demo)

Software solution that allows you to create multiple collections on your computer with your music files, CDs, DVDs, photos, books and more

Audio Repeater Pro 1.3 (Demo)

Quickly transfer audio samples from one device to another, with this lightweight, easy-to-use program that offers DSP processing support
NYT Investigates America's 'Lost Month' for Coronavirus Testing

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One Woman Can Smell Parkinson's Disease Before Symptoms Manifest

March 28 2020

History Search 1.5.35 (Freemium)

Use this extension to search through your history by using key words or any other element you remember and might have been on the source page you are looking for
Cringely Predicts 2020 Will See 'the Death of IT'

Aerial 0.4.0 Beta (MIT License)

A nice application for those Windows users looking to bring a bit of Apple into their lives by using interesting video footage as wallpapers
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